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AdFreeway rewards you for voting on digital ads. Your vote and recent ad-serving-history may improve the ad performance against the competitive vote and ad-serving-history of others in the ad audience. With your permission, your vote and unique interest curates away inappropriate, annoying and unwanted ads with better ones for you and other audience members to enjoy.

What is my Ad-Serving History?

Websites and Apps make background requests to fill empty ad slots (to generate advertising revenue that offsets the cost of providing content). When AdFreeway delivers ads into these slots, it does so by first determining how you and others have voted and the recent websites or applications into which, AdFreeway may have previously served ads to you.

How does it work?

Vote on ads anywhere you see our icons. Then follow the link to redeem your reward.

Thumbs like 960px
Thumbs dislike 960px

Link and log into your AdFreeway account on all your devices to earn faster.

How do I Earn Rewards?

Earn rewards by voting on ads from our partners and trusted brands. After voting, register on the AdFreeway platform, validate your email. Then select 'Redeem' to collect and use your rewards right away or save for later. If your vote is further attributed to improve the performance of an ad, you will earn additional rewards.

Where can I find ads to vote on?

Browse the Internet and use Apps as normal to view and vote on AdFreeway emoto ads.

What do you do with my votes?

Your votes help curate the order and combinations of ads that are served to you and other users. We also provide advertisers with anonymous feedback on whether their ads are liked or not, without identifying members who voted.

How do I redeem rewards?

Step 1: Choose reward
Step 2: Select 'Redeem Now'
Step 3: Go to venue or website
Step 4: Venue staff or website will validate and redeem the voucher or token in exchange for merchandise or payment

How many rewards can I earn?

You can earn as many rewards as you want.

Why can't I see any voting icons?

To ensure you don't receive too many AdFreeway ads, we carefully limit the number of ads served with our emoto  voting icons.

What is an emoto?

AdFreeway 'emotos' are opinion voting icon pairs (Thumbs like 960px or Thumbs dislike 960px ) providing a simple graphic measure of audience emot[i]o[nal] bias with respect to costitial media (eg in-image, in-video or adjacent content).

What is Ad curation?

When an AdFreeway advertising impression is requested and delivered to your browser, the information provided to AdFreeway by the ad-serving platform, may be used to temporarily identify your web-page, browser or device. The information is processed algorithmically to cluster anonymous browsers or applications by their common information features. AdFreeway impressions may invite a vote, a vote entitles you to earn and redeem a reward. Based on your anonymous information and your vote, the ads served, will be tailored to best match the preferences you and others with similar information profiles have expressed.

Successful ad-curation, based on our algorithm, improves ad relevance and campaign performance - without increasing the number of ads you receive.

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