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ADFREEWAY pays you for each vote about ads you like or dislike. Your vote drives ads others see, when those ads perform better you earn more.

Ads with these (to like Thumbs like 960px or dislike Thumbs dislike 960px an ad) gets you a position on the ADFREEWAY.

Your vote directs others, near your position to follow your instinct and get less annoying and unwanted ads for more likable ones. When they click on ads you directed your earnings multiply.

Advertisers and agencies: AdFreeway display advertising rewards audiences for continuous voting on 3 different campaign creatives. We deploy proprietary analytics over the top of programmatic platforms to prioritize ad serving and story telling. Superior messaging and tailored ad serving, with fewer unwanted ads improves brand ROI. Contact us about becoming an affiliate agency or trusted brand that acknowledges the value of audience data based performance participation that accordingly increases reward.

AdFreeway is a business of Global File Systems Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Brilliant Digital Entertainment Inc.

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