Frequently Asked Questions

ADFREEWAY rewards you (our members) for providing feedback to curate your Ad Playlist . Based on your ad votes and browsing history, we help manage your online advertising so you can be paid rewards and enjoy a better Internet experience. With your permission, we enable you to curate away inappropriate, annoying and unwanted ads with better ones intended to match your unique interests and voting feedback.

What is my Ad Playlist?

Online browsers and Apps automatically make background requests to fill the otherwise empty ad slots provided by web page and App publishers (to generate advertising revenue that offsets the cost of providing content). Your Ad Playlist refers to ad preferences for these slots and elsewhere on your screen in priority to ads that could otherwise be served.

How does it work?

Vote on ads anywhere you see our icons. Then follow the link to redeem your reward.

Emoto sample
Yes vote natural
No vote natural

Link and log into your ADFREEWAY account on all your devices to earn faster.

How do I earn rewards?

Earn rewards by voting on ads from our partners and trusted brands. After voting, select "Redeem reward" to view and use right away or save for later.

Where can I find ads to vote on?

Browse the Internet and use Apps as normal to view and vote on ADFREEWAY emoto ads.

What do you do with my votes?

We use your votes to help curate your Ad Playlist . We also provide advertisers with anonymous feedback on whether their ads are liked or not without identifying members who voted.

How do I redeem rewards?

Step 1: Choose reward
Step 2: Select Redeem Now
Step 3: Go to venue
Step 4: Cashier will click the reward on your phone to redeem the voucher

What do you do with my data?

To better curate your Ad Playlist, we store information about your online preferences including ads you consider inappropriate, annoying or unwanted. We also store data to manage the reward redemption program. Data from linked member devices is de-identified, anonymised, securely encrypted and stored in Sydney, Australia to make Ad Playlist recommendations for members with similar interests. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

How many rewards can I earn?

You can earn as many rewards as you want; however, your ADFREEWAY digital wallet can currently only hold one reward at a time. Check back with us soon to learn about earning more rewards faster.

Why can't I see any voting icons?

You currently need to be connected to one of our FREE WiFi locations (such as Circular Quay and Manly Wharf) to see ADFREEWAY emoto voting icons. Check back with us soon or Subscribe to learn about other ways to Vote, Earn and Redeem.

Can I earn rewards outside Circular Quay or Manly Wharf Free WiFi?

Not yet. Check back with us soon or subscribe to learn about other ways to Vote, Earn and Redeem.

What is an emoto?

ADFREEWAY emotos are opinion voting icon pairs (Yes vote natural or No vote natural) providing a simple graphic measure of audience emot[i]o[nal] bias with respect to costitial media (eg in-image, in-video or adjacent content).

What is Ad Playlist curation?

Once you’ve registered as an ADFREEWAY member on an affiliated free WiFi network, App or website, you can Vote, Earn and Redeem to start personalising the Ad Playlist for your linked devices. Your Ad Playlist will be automatically updated to include ads that best match your preferences and those of members with similar interests. Successful ad curation improves ad relevance (campaign performance) without increasing the number of ads you receive.

On your behalf and to protect your privacy, we may also restrict some or all of the background network sharing of your personal, cookie and other private data including communication with third-party data providers, programmatic ad networks, real-time bidding exchanges and/or other companies attempting to identify you to deliver targeted online advertising.

Do I have to be connected to the same free WiFi network to curate my Ad Playlist, Vote, Earn and Redeem?

Not necessarily, the answer depends on how and where you connect to the Internet. Once you’ve registered as an ADFREEWAY member, you may be able to enjoy consistent curation of your Ad Playlist across all devices linked to your account regardless of your Internet connection method. You may also be able to Vote, Earn and Redeem on other free/paid/private WiFi, mobile, broadband and other Internet connections. Please contact us for more information.

How does ad blocking compare to Ad Playlist curation?

Ad blocking works in various ways to prevent some or all advertisements from being delivered to your screen and, in certain cases, replaces a blacklist of undesirable ads with a whitelist of approved ads. Ad blocking may prevent publishers of your favourite web content and Apps from receiving advertising revenue.

On your behalf, the ADFREEWAY Ad Playlist curation service maintains a real-time private encrypted record of your personal ad preferences to improve the quality and relevance of the ads delivered to your device (without increasing the number of ads you would otherwise receive). Rather than maintaining a blacklist and whitelist, ADFREEWAY remembers your votes and preferences to suggest your best Ad Playlist. If uncertain whether you’d like a particular ad, we may ask you to vote on it or make a suggestion based on the votes of other members who seem to like the same things as you. Unlike most ad blockers, ADFREEWAY ensures that your favourite website and App publishers are paid for the advertising curated on your behalf. Unlike most ad blockers, ADFREEWAY also ensures that you receive instant rewards voting on ads to better curate your Ad Playlist!

Is Ad Playlist curation legally-protected?

Yes, in the same way that you authorise email Apps to curate email messages (by automatically moving them to SPAM, news, urgent or other folders) based on preferences and settings, you are entitled to authorise ADFREEWAY to curate your Ad Playlist by sourcing (or substituting undesirable ads with) better ads based on preferences and settings.

Communications are generally protected by federal legislation. ADFREEWAY complies with these protections by:

  • Obtaining consent from end-user (members) via our Terms and Conditions.
  • Collecting, holding, using and disclosing end-user personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  • Ensuring that we make it clear in our Terms and Conditions that end-users will be presented with curated and substituted advertising content as set out in our Terms and Conditions.

We require that members opt-in to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, as well as the terms and conditions of the operator of the free WiFi network or publisher of the website or App where ADFREEWAY is implemented.

We inform members, and they agree, through our Terms and Conditions, that:

  • In order to curate and improve member's online experience, our platform may substitute selected ads with other ads that may be more relevant based on the member's voting activity and other information shared with us by members.
  • When using our services on WiFi, mobile or other networks, we may securely collect and encrypt member device information including: MAC and IP address; device configuration; and selected packet, hashed URL, browsing and location data (Device Data) to improve the performance of ad curation and related services.
  • When a member automatically registers for ADFREEWAY by accessing or logging-in to a partner network through a third-party social media service (Social Platform), we may collect and use any information or content the member has permitted the Social Platform to share with the partner network or us, such as the user ID, user name, profile picture, email address, followers or friends lists and any other information the member has disclosed. If the member does not want his/her personal information collected, stored, used or disclosed in this way, the member should not log-in through a Social Platform. We do not collect the member's passwords from Social Platforms.
  • In addition to using the member's Device Data to curate and improve their online experience, we may analyse, aggregate and/or disclose the Device Data to affiliates.

By signing up to ADFREEWAY and agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, member’s consent to:

  • the collection, use and disclosure of personal information contained in the Device Data in accordance with these Terms; and
  • ADFREEWAY reading on the member's behalf the Device Data and substituting communications to provide our services including curating and improving the member's online experience with ad optimisation technology.

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