Frequently Asked Questions

Earn rewards by voting on on ads from our partners. After voting, select "Redeem reward" to view reward to use right away or save for later. Where can I find ads to vote on?

Just browse the Internet as you normally would and they will appear. What do you do with the votes?

Advertisers want to know if people like or don't link their ads. Voting feedback isn't associated with you personally, just generic totals for everyone.

How do I redeem rewards?

Step 1: Choose reward
Step 2: Select Redeem Now
Step 3: Go to venue
Step 4: Cashier will click the reward on your phone and voucher is redeemed

What do you do with my data?

Device data and browsing activities are de-identified, anonymised and encrypted to look for big data patterns. Users can't be identified from the data.

How many rewards can I earn?

You can earn as many rewards as you want; however, your ADFREEWAY wallet can only hold one reward at a time.

Why can't I see any voting icons?

You need to be connected to Manly Wharf Free WiFi for icons to show.

Can I earn rewards outside Manly Wharf Free WiFi?

Not yet.

Still have a question?

Send us a message on the contact page